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Posted in Homebrew Recipes by deafcone - on May 22

Going to make a coffee stout. Using a rye Irish ale kit and adding to it, so amounts of grains can't be changed except for chocolate. Never used coffee before so want opinion on of too much or not enough. Did read people used 4 oz and it was way too much. Coffee rye stout Rye LME 9 pounds .63 pd dark crystal 1/4 cara red 1/2 pd roasted barley 1/4 pd victory 1/2 pd chocolate malt .6 oz magnum hops 60 minutes .5 oz crystal 30 minutes 1 oz crystal 0 minutes Steep coffee in Muslim bag last 10 minutes US-0..

A new brew

Posted in Homebrew Recipes by Hogarthe - on Apr 13

I'm thinking of doing a version of a "stien" beer, where you boil the wort by adding a hot rock to it. Going to keep the recipe simple. So far I have come up with for a 5 gallon batch 10 lb pale ale malt 1 lb Victory malt 1 oz Azacca hops 60 min 1 oz Azacca 15 min 1 oz Azacca 5 min. Us-05 yeast Using those hops because I have them and haven't used them before. I think this should come up with a malty pale ale.... Heating the wort with a rock is supposed to caramelize the sugars to give extra caramel ..

Help tweaking recipe

Posted in Homebrewing by deafcone - on Nov 24

I entered a sweet stout into a contest and below are the judges comments and recipe. I'd like to tweak to improve it. Suggestions are appreciated. [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=http://s751.photobu..

Bacon beer!

Posted in Homebrewing by Hogarthe - on Oct 17

I got Northern Brewers Bacon smoked Red Ale kit, and am brewing it today. Just adding the water to the mash filled the house with an incredible aroma. I think this one is gonna be good......

Caps come off too easy

Posted in Homebrewing by deafcone - on Oct 11

Never had this issue before but for some reason the bottle caps are pretty easy to pop off the bottles. Don't know if it's the new capper, caps, or bottles. Have used Sierra Nevada bottles in past and this wasn't an issue but don't know if they changed things. The beer carbonates but just caps pop off really easy. Also seems no co2 bubbles are in beer even though it has good head on it wonder if this is becaus of the cap issue...

Fast fermentation

Posted in Homebrewing by deafcone - on Oct 5

Just made a brown ale from a kit. The OG was 1.050. I used safale-04 yeast. Just poured it right into Carboy on top of wort. It's been a little over 24 hours and the fermentation was quick but now the airlock shows no bubbles at all. When I put the yeast in the temp read 72 on the thermometer tape on the Carboy. Next morning no activity,so I shook itbpunand checked the temp. It was 54. Added warm water to water bath Carboy was in. Started fermenting within 30 minutes as temp rose to 68. Now still at 68 a..

Making the best of the unexpected

Posted in Homebrewing by FirePitBrew - on Sep 27

Recently some friends and I have been experimenting with some Lacto Brevis with positive results and I thought it would be a great addition to a saison. So I make up 2 starters: Lacto and Saison II and label them as such. I pitch the Lacto first and let it ride for 2 days before adding the Saison yeast which I noticed had an unexpected unique tart lemon aroma which got me worried. Two weeks later it's time to rack to secondary and I pull a gravity ready.. 1.007. Not bad but there's almost no sourness. ..

Induction cooker for brewing

Posted in Homebrewing by deafcone - on Sep 14

I bought a Nuwave PIC Pro induction cooker. 1800 watts, temp can be set as high as 560 degrees. Tests today a couple ways to see if it would work for brewing extract partial mash and looks good. Put 3 gallons of water I pot, set temp to max/sear which is 560 degrees. Took 50 minutes to. Bring to rolling boil with lid on. Did have to keep lid on partially to maintain rolling boil otherwise it still held a ligh boil To put 2 gallons of cold water in and set temp for 275 to bring it to 155 area quick. Took o..

Get back on that horse!

Posted in Homebrewing by sewer_urchen - on Sep 14

Ok, so we've all been AWOL lately, busy busy busy! I bought a new house, the one I mentioned a couple threads ago (so slow it's still on the home page board). It came with a copper top bar that has 3 taps!!! He left the keg fridge...but alas no kegs. He did leave me the CO2 system and all the hoses are still there, some with beer still in the line I have to figure out how to clean that out :( But then we were cleaning the house as we moved in and the bottom drawer of the fridge had a ton of hops and ye..

Is anyone still around?

Posted in Homebrew Recipes by deafcone - on Aug 26

What happened here? No one posting!..

my beer on tap

Posted in The Pub by Hogarthe - on Jul 25

The good folks at Johnson City Brewing Co. in Johnson City, Tn. have selected me as their homebrewer of the month. I am going to be going to the brewery to brew up a batch of one of my recipes that will then be on tap in their taproom. We will be doing my American lager and half of it will be getting turned into my pickle beer. I'm excited to get a chance to brew at a real craft brewery and see how it is done on a bigger scale as well as see how my recipe is received by the cutomers...

House Shopping

Posted in The Pub by sewer_urchen - on Jun 26

So my wife and I recently started house shopping. We took a tour through this house that looked good for us...and then went to the finished basement, where there was a copper bar with THREE TAPS! The Keg fridge was in a small adjacent and unfinished room next to the bar, along with perfect brewing shelves, and boxes of pop-top bottles...I found my kindred spirit, and he might sell me his house! :P We put in an offer yesterday afternoon. Here's to crossing my fingers. In the offer I requested the seller ..

read first

Posted in Homebrewing by Hogarthe - on Jun 6

My latest batch was one of our past community brews, the coffee and cream porter. I messed up twice by not paying close enough attention to the recipe. First I failed to notice it was a 6 gallon recipe and made it 5. Then when I bought the lactose it can in a 1 pound bag and I planned to use the called for .5 pound but on brew day I didn't re-read the recipe and forgot and used the whole bag. So I lost a gallon of beer, it came out stronger than it was supposed to, the hop rate is off and worst of all, it ..

Ideal time to add dry hops to secondary

Posted in Homebrewing by dankdoubles - on May 19

I have an IPA that fermented from 1.056 from this past Saturday, to 1.005 today (Tuesday). I usually wait one week to transfer to the secondary and add dry hops, but I am wondering if I can rack and dry hop tomorrow. Is there any downside to not letting the yeast "fine tune" for a bit before adding dry hops? Thanks!..

Making a starter? I dont' have that kind of time

Posted in Homebrewing by bruguru - on Apr 17

Starters are a necessary step with liquid yeasts . I would even go as far to say that you are wasting your money getting a liquid yeast and not making a starter. That being said, I find it a painful process making a starter, boiling a gallon on a stove, putting a lb of DME in, cooling it, and putting it on the stir plate, it's always been a hassle. I'm not alone many people have tried to get around this, only to come up with the inevitable. [b]YOU MUST MAKE A STARTER.[/b] Brewing in Arizona has it's..

Mango Habanero ale

Posted in Homebrew Recipes by Hogarthe - on Apr 4

Been thinking this one over, I want a lot of mango and just a bit of heat in a light easy drinker. Here's what I have so far. 5 gallon batch 10 lb. Pale Ale malt .75 lb. crystal 20 .5 lb. lactose .5 oz Northern Brewer hops 9.6% aa at 60 US-05 yeast, ferment at 63-65F Then rack onto 7 lb sliced up mangos and 2 or 3 habanero peppers. Plugging it into the calculator at Brewer's Friend, it shows SG of 1.056, FG 1.013, IBU 20.49, abv of 5.56%. This is before the fruit addition, I'm not sure how to get the ferm..

force carbing, or bottle conditioning my Saison

Posted in Homebrewing by bruguru - on Feb 18

so, I got my 1.076 og Saison down to 1.004. Tastes great, and have had it at 12psi for 2 days. I have to turn it into competition, March 15th and didn't think a month in the bottle would matter. Also I would not be able to carb it exactly. Basically it would be just a shot in the dark. So, what do you think, leave it coasting for a month to condition force carbing, or treat it like a big bottle, and bottle condition in the keg. I could also pour some off into bottles, and see how it comes out. I ..

Finally Brewed Some Beer!

Posted in Homebrewing by sewer_urchen - on Feb 10

Been over a year and a half since my last beer. Got 18 gallons of Cider going but just couldn't get to a brew day. Finally had one! It's an adaptation on the Mac n' Jack recipe; this one I made extract as I have not the means of brewing all grain. Here's how the recipe ended up. 2 1/2 Gallons Water in a 12 qt. Pot 1 lb Light Munich 1/2 lb Crystal 60 1/2 lb Carapils all steeped at 150* for 40 min, temp held well. added 1 can (3.3 lb's) Munton's Extra Light LME and brought to boil 1 oz. Citra (13.3 AA..

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