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House Shopping

Posted in The Pub by sewer_urchen - on Jun 26

So my wife and I recently started house shopping. We took a tour through this house that looked good for us...and then went to ..

read first

Posted in Homebrewing by Hogarthe - on Jun 6

My latest batch was one of our past community brews, the coffee and cream porter. I messed up twice by not paying close enough a..

Ideal time to add dry hops to secondary

Posted in Homebrewing by dankdoubles - on May 19

I have an IPA that fermented from 1.056 from this past Saturday, to 1.005 today (Tuesday). I usually wait one week to transfer ..

Making a starter? I dont' have that kind of time

Posted in Homebrewing by bruguru - on Apr 17

Starters are a necessary step with liquid yeasts . I would even go as far to say that you are wasting your money getting a liqu..

Mango Habanero ale

Posted in Homebrew Recipes by Hogarthe - on Apr 4

Been thinking this one over, I want a lot of mango and just a bit of heat in a light easy drinker. Here's what I have so far. 5..

force carbing, or bottle conditioning my Saison

Posted in Homebrewing by bruguru - on Feb 18

so, I got my 1.076 og Saison down to 1.004. Tastes great, and have had it at 12psi for 2 days. I have to turn it into competit..

Finally Brewed Some Beer!

Posted in Homebrewing by sewer_urchen - on Feb 10

Been over a year and a half since my last beer. Got 18 gallons of Cider going but just couldn't get to a brew day. Finally had..

Bourbon Barrel Cider?

Posted in Brewing Cider by sewer_urchen - on Jan 22

So I've had my cider going since October, racked once, and it's still bubbling away (my basement keeps it around 61*, so it goes..


Posted in The Pub by bruguru - on Jan 2

I have had a varied amount of Luck in competitions. Living near Boston the only ones that I had entered were the ones hosted by..

2.5 gallon ball lock keg for $79

Posted in Equipment by bruguru - on Dec 22

Just got a 2.5 gallon keg with rubber top and bottom from Adventures in Homebrewing. Pretty cool, I've been waiting for one of ..

hop spider

Posted in Equipment by Hogarthe - on Dec 7

I'm sure you guys have seen these, they hold a hop bag suspended into your kettle, so you can add more at the desired intervals,..

The what's up thread.

Posted in The Pub by brewchez - on Dec 5

I gotta find the time this weekend to brew a batch if possible. More importantly I got to bottle up a batch of orange mead. I ha..

Yeast is the Beast

Posted in Homebrewing by bruguru - on Dec 3

Yeast is the most important part of your beer, it turns your bitter sugar water into beer. [quote]It's mixing my Chocolate, it'..

Smashed regulator

Posted in Equipment by bruguru - on Nov 25

Well, it finally happened. I was trying to find a constant gas leak, and pulled all my kegs out, and reconnected my manifold to..

CO2 Main Line Disconnect

Posted in Equipment by brewchez - on Nov 18

Anyone on this site have any experience with gas line disconnects? One that you'd install between your CO2 tank and your CO2 ma..


Posted in The Pub by brewchez - on Nov 12

I guess its my 9-12 month check in. How's everyone doing? Read some posts here last night. Seems like a couple diehards are sti..

just made a batch...

Posted in Brewing Cider by Hogarthe - on Nov 11

cranberry cider. 3 gallons of apple juice, 2 gallons of cranberry cocktail, s-04 ale yeast. hoping it comes out good, as I just..

Common efficiency issues

Posted in Homebrewing by dankdoubles - on Nov 8

I have been getting low efficiency all grain brewing and I was wondering if there are any common problems I should know about, t..

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