Beer from keg to bottle

Can I take beer that is carbonated and in the keg already and put it in bottles. WITHOUT using a beer gun or counter pressure filler thing?

Can I take a gallon out of the keg, back into my bottling bucket, add the sugar and bottle??


Ok so you are saying that I can put the carbonated beer from the keg into bottles without the use of beer gun or counter pressure bottle filler?

Just dispense it into the bottle like I would pour a beer, except turn oaf the CO2, bleed the keg and let it trickle in??

Then why do people buy the beer guns and stuff? Not to argue because this is great if I can do it without, just asking.


Here’s what I have done: I attach an 8 – 10 inch piece of tubing to the exit nozzle of my picnic tap. The tubing reaches to the very bottom of the bottle. I chill the carbonated keg to about 30-32 degrees and add a very small amount of pressure (about 2lbs of pressure) – the pressure is so low that I have to lower the tap to below the keg surface for the beer to flow. All you have to do then is fill the bottles. It takes abs out 10 minutes to fill a couple six packs this way. The beer left in the tubing pours out as you remove the tube so that you can fill the bottle all the way to the top alleviating oxidation concerns.

I have not held bottles for much longer than a couple of weeks like this so I don’t know how long the carbonation holds – but it seems to do well up to 2 weeks. Mostly I’ve just done this to give beer away or bring it too parties. It also seems to work best when the beer is slightly overcabonated.

As Mark warns – would not be a good idea to add priming sugar!!!! However, you could use this method to fill uncorroborated beer in bottles with priming sugar probably.


I have had a little success with filling bottles from the keg.  I usually don’t fill too many this way, but here is my procedure:

1) lower dispensing pressure.
2) bleed CO2 in keg.
3) raise dispensing pressure to approximately 4 PSI.  This is based upon my balanced dispensing system which is normally set at about 10.5 PSI.
4) attach hose to faucet end.
5) insert hose in bottle to bottom to minimize foaming.
6) fill bottle.
7) allow foam to settle and add additional beer.
8) cap bottle.
9) return system to normal dispensing pressure.

Hope this information helps.