Beer Slang Words

Beer has been around for yonks. You are bound to feel something missing in a celebration if there is no beer. It has become such a part of our culture nowadays and no celebration is complete without it. Moderate limits are always better than indulging overly in anything. Same goes for beer. Beer is fun when taken in moderation. Most of the slang words associated with beer usually seem to be defining extreme drinking habits and over drinking. Find funny and interesting slang words in the list below and get yourself acquainted with amusing and witty human creativity. This post doesn’t include any sort of offensive slang.

Aiming Juice – This term refers to drinking beer before playing golf in order to improve aiming skills.

Amber Nectar – This is an Australian slang word that is a name for beer. This word isn’t really of Australian origin. People have been using it since nineteenth century, so it’s not really new. This modern-sounding phrase was earlier used to refer to honey.

Barley Pop – This phrase is used to define malt liquor or freezing of beer. This phrase implies that the end result is going to be a lovely revelation.

Barley Sandwich – This slang refers to having beer during lunch time.

Barley Soda – This slang is used to refer to beer when in the company of people who might get offended by beer consumption or influenced by the same in a negative manner.

Brew – It simply means beer.

Brewski – This slang came into being and became popular in the 70’s. It is used to refer to cold driveway beer.

Cold Coffee – It is another way to refer to beer.

Frostie – People in Los Angeles like calling beer as Frostie, be it cold beer or otherwise.

Frosty Pop – It is yet another interesting name for your favourite drink.

Laughing Water – This term is used to refer to strong beer.

Liquid Bread – This phrase refers to just about any kind of beer but mainly refers to very filling full-bodied beers.

Swipe – It refers to weak beer.

Swing Oil – Swing oil is another slang used for beer in reference to playing golf.

Beast – Surprisingly enough, the term “Beast” is used to refer to any beer that is cheap. A beer named “Milwaukee’s Best” made this slang term famous.

… and there are tons more…

Two of the slang terms used for Camp or Home-Brewed beers are Bust Head and Oil of Gladness. Wobbly Pops is my favourite. What’s yours?