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Beer Loving Cities

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Date: April 26, 2012, Topics: Brewing News

Many people think beer is a drink for youngsters, especially for the college goers. But beer appeals to men and women of all ages (excluding kids) around the world. Nearly every evening when we get back home after a toilsome day at work, it’s this chilled bottle of beer that relaxes and refreshes us.

So for all those beer lovers, here’s a guide to those cities that rank high in consuming beer.

As I have noted and mentioned in many of my posts, beer has been popular in all cultures all over the world since time immemorial. There are many major cities that are ranked and known only for their consumption of beer and other liquor. You can find them in every part of the world. However, if you make an impartial study of these cities, you must find that most of these cities are located in the West, as Eastern cultures aren’t that open with drinking beer (or so I think).

Major beer guzzling cities are from developed countries where the standard of living is certainly better than the rest of the world. Portland in Oregon (USA), Brussels in Belgium, San Francisco in USA, Dublin in Ireland, Bamberg in Germany, Atlanta in USA, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Boston in Massachusetts in USA, Montreal in Canada, and Madison in USA are known to be guzzling the maximum amount of beer. The easy availability of the top quality beer has made them the top drinking cities in the world. Well chug away!

And the best part is that beer dealers in these cities offer many discounts on purchase of beer. I’ve heard that in many bars, you get one pint free for every pint you buy. Yes, it’s ‘buy one, get one free.’ Over where I live, they don’t have such offers. I would really love to have some free beer, though I’m thinking they must be charging double for that first pint anyway.

I wanted to visit these cities and see if they offer some kind of discount there. Also, I wanted to taste different types of beer. Well I’m not from any of these cities, but if you are- make sure that you visit these cities and experience the best quality beer sometime. And then let me know how it was. And if you belong to one of these cities, you’re doing a great job chugging that beer!

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  1. I’ve been to or lived at most the cities mentioned at one time or another, have never heard of or seen the “buy one, get one free” deal you mention. Nice thought though.

    I’d say people in Europe cherish their beer a bit more than their US counterparts, specifically those from Belgium, Germany and Czech. You go to any city/town in those areas, will find people drinking the local beer from 8am (it happens) and by afternoon all the outdoor cafes are packed, drinking cheap pinche’s (sp?), or other local brew. Literally every town has their own brewery and when the monks release their annual offering, there are lines of cars waiting for a chance to pick up their quota of one case per buyer per year. Maybe it happens in the US, but I haven’t seen it. Then again, they have a couple thousand years head start, so no doubt there’s some catching up to do, :).

    Comment by Matt — May 2, 2012 @ 6:24 am

  2. Thanks for the information Matt… I appreciate that a lot 🙂

    Comment by Emily — May 2, 2012 @ 11:53 pm

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