Cherries in the Snow

This is from Papazian’s book: The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing.  I found it on page 220 – I won’t post everything he wrote here, just an excerpt:

A sinfully unique combination of sour cherries, malt extract, a mild lend of hops and patient aging conspires to celebrate the rites of spring with the luscious memories of summers past…

…Cherries in the Snow faintly resembles a Belgium Kriek, a style of beer brewed with sweet cherries, malt and a lactobaccilus bacteria for tartness.  However, the tartness of Charries in the Snow is not as explosive as a Belgium Kriek, Lambic or Gueuze (all sour fermented beers); rather, it gently hints of a clean tartness, inspiring a call for more.  The hops are subtle, not bitter, yet flavorful in the style of an awakening spring.

As does a good wine, Cherries in the Snow offers a wonderful potential to mature dearly with age (years)–called fort for sinfully special occassions.

Ingredients for 5 Gallons

6 lbs light malt extract
2 oz. Hallertauer or Tettnanger hops (boiling): 10 HBU
1/2 oz. Hallertauer or Tettnanger hops (finishing)
10 lbs sour cherries
1-2 packages ale yeast
3/4 c. corn sugar (for bottling)

Basic procedure (abridged):

Boil malt extract, boiling hops, and 1 1/2 gallons of water for 45 minutes.  Add crushed sour cherries and finishing hops to the boiling wort.  Cherries should cool wort to about 160 degrees F.  Steep cherries for 15 minutes between 160 – 180 degrees.  Important: Do not boil the cherries.

After cherried wort has steeped for 15 minutes pour entire contents (without sparging) into a plastic fermenter and cold water.  Pitch yeast when cool.  After 5 days of primary fermentation, remove as much of the floating hops and cherries from the fermeneter as humanly possible.

Rack the beer into a secondary fermenter.  Attach air lock and continue fermentation until beer shows clarity.  Bottle when fermentation is complete.