Chill By the Pool

Summer Heat

Ugh, the heat! It seems like summer is getting hotter and hotter every year! As soon as temperatures start soaring, I dread having to go outside for more than 15 minutes. Well, it’s not just the heat, but the sheer strength of the blistering sun. Every time I walk out the door, I can almost hear my skin sizzling like a piece of bacon in a frying pan. When I was a kid, summer was this magical time of freedom, hanging out with friends, and having a blast in the sun. Now, it’s turned into 3 months of me being an Air Conditioning addict, who doesn’t step foot outside unless it’s absolutely necessary. And I don’t love that about myself. But what am I to do? I don’t live near the beach, so building sandcastles is out of the question; unless I fancy spending half a paycheck on plane tickets. I love spending my afternoons soaking in the pool, reading a book, cocktail in hand… Then drying off on a chaise longue, watching the pink and blue sky as the sun sets. But you can’t really do that at your local aquapark! All those kids running around, splashing water everywhere… no, thank you! So, this year, I pulled the trigger and bought a pool for my backyard. And I honestly couldn’t be happier! Best purchase ever! I didn’t want to turn my yard into a construction site, so I opted for an above-ground one. That way, I can set it up every June and pack it up by mid-September. I like that it’s not a huge commitment; I only have to look after it when I’m actually using it, and I don’t have to perform a labor-intensive bimonthly cleaning for the entire year. I like that it’s small – but still large enough that I can float around on an inflatable ring and catch up on some reading.

Pool Maintenance

Having your very own pool can be incredibly rewarding, but it doesn’t come without its share of responsibilities. You need to sanitize the water every single day using chorine tabs and do a partial water change every two weeks. You also need to get ahead of the pesky algae by using an algaecide solution weekly. Perhaps the most important thing that you’ll need to buy is the pool pump. It’s what circulates and filters the water, keeping it clean and fresh. Be sure to take some extra time, in the beginning, to make sure the pump is functioning properly. Otherwise, it might completely overturn your summer plans! Another thing newbie pool owners might not be aware of is the importance of a heater. If you think the atomic power of the sun is enough to heat the entire pool up on its own, you’re in for a chilly dip! We’re talking about tens of thousands of liters of water; by the time the sun completely heats all of that up, you’ll only have a couple of precious hours of daylight left. The best above ground pool heater is one that is easy to operate and that does its job very quickly. No one wants to cramp up in the freezing cold water, waiting for the heater to finally start working. Stay warm and happy soaking!