Hop Heads Enjoy 60 Minute IPA Recipe/the real thing not a clone

60 Minute IPA Clone

( Dogfish Head)
( 5 gallons/19L)
OG= 1.064  FG 1.019
IBU= 60 SRM= 6 ABV= 5.8%


  • 12lb. 15 oz. ( 5.86kg) 2-Row Pale Malt
  • 6.4 oz. (.18kg) Thomas Fawcett Amber Malt
  • .7 oz/20g Warrior Hops (60-35 minutes)
  • .28 oz./7g Simcoe Hops (35-25 minutes)
  • .7 oz./20g Palisade Hops (25-0 minutes)
  • 1 tsp. Irish Moss (15 minutes)
  • .7 oz./20g Palisade Hops (whirlpool)
  • .59 oz./17g Amarillo Hops (dryhop)
  • .59 oz./17g Simcoe Hops  (dryhop)
  • .59 oz./17g Glacier Hops  (dryhop)
  • Wyeast 1187 (Ringwood Ale) or other English Yeast
  • 1.5 qt. starter @ SG 1.030
  • 7/8 cup corn sugar priming

Mash @152 for 60 minutes
Hop with a continuous stream of Warrior hops at a rate of .28 oz. per 10 minutes
you should run out with 35 minutes left
Simcoe till 25 minutes left
Palisade till flameout
Add whirlpool hops end of boil
Cool….aerate…pitch yeast
Ferment @71 and towards the end of fermentation and slowly raise to 74
Hold for 3 days
cool to 68 and add dry hops for 2 weeks
Bottle (I would say to condition for 4 weeks at 70 but I know you
won’t be able to do this)

Extract version ( for hop utilization purpose you’ll need to boil at least 3.5 gallons)
Steep 1.5 lbs Pale Malt and 6.4 oz.Thomas Fawcett Amber Malt
in 2.25 qts @152 for 45 minutes….rinse with 1 qt 170 water
Bring 4 gallons to a boil
4 lbs.Muntons Light DME ( Entire Boil)
3.3 lbs Muntons LME ( turn off heat and add with 15 minutes left, bring
back to a boil.)…..add irish moss and after boil cool and add water to make
5 gallons…..ferment like the all-grain recipe

NOTES: I talked to Jonathan Plise from MoreBeer and he said Dogfish Head used
English Ale Yeast, not Ringwood………
You will also have a really hard time trying to find Palisade Hops….I don’t
even think that they are available to homebrewer’s in pellet form (let me know if
you find them in pellets) You will have to order them in plug form which is also
hard to find……The Grape and Granary special ordered them for me and have them
in stock now…… the grape.net  . Last year when I made mine I used Cascade in
place of the Palisade and it came out real good. This year I made it with Palisade
and there is not much difference. I also used plugs for all varieties. Remember you
will have to add about 10% more when using plugs.
If you make this beer right you will never be able to tell the difference between it and
the real thing……this is a very good recipe, just remember to keep the hopping rate
steady and even….a few plinks of hops at time is how I did it and make sure you
have everything ready because you will be busy during the entire boil……..
If you want to buy the March/April 2006  back issue of Brew Your Own it has instructions
on how to make a continuous wort hopper….The Zopinator.…..and the recipes.