Mack and Jacks African Amber clone

One of the reasons that I started homebrewing is this beer. Beautiful Octoberfest like color, great session beer, although the abv is over 5%, I always had at least 4 of them at a sitting. My brother lives in seattle, and after 10 years of waiting for him to send me some in Massachusetts, I decided to make my own. I found this recipe on another site, and didn’t see it here, so I thought I post. It’s the byo version.

Mac & Jack?s African Amber (BYO, 3-4/2002, p. 18

Extract (with All grain option); 5 gallons; OG = 1.060; FG = 1.018; IBUs = 38; ABV = 5.5%

6.6 lbs Muntons light malt extract syrup
0.5 lbs Muntons light dry malt extract
1.0 lb Munich malt
0.5 lbs crystal 80
0.5 lbs carapils (dextrin) malt
9.3 AAU Centennial hops (1 oz @ 9.3% alpha) for 60 min
6.2 AAU Cascade hops (0.75 oz @ 8.3% alpha) for 2 min
4.2 AAU Cascade hops (0.5 oz @ 8.3% alpha) dry hopping
1 tsp Irish moss

White Labs WLP005 (British Ale) or Wyeast 1098 (British Ale) yeast 0.75 cups corn sugar for priming

Steep crushed malts in three gallons 150F water for 30 min. Remove grains. Add malt syrup and malt powder and bring to a boil. Add Centennial hops and Irish moss and boil for 60 min. Add Cascade aroma hops for last two min of boil.
When done boiling, strain out hops, add the wort to two gallons of cool water in sanitary fermenter, top off with cool water to 5.5 gal. Cool wort to 80F, aerate, and pitch yeast. Allow beer to cool over next few hours to 68-70F and ferment for 10-14 days. Add 0.5 oz Cascade pellets to dry hop your beer for five to seven days, the bottle. Pellet hops work well when dry hopping this beer.

Replace extract with 9 lbs British pale malt. Mash all grains at 155F for 45 min. Collect enough wort to boil for 90 min and have 5.5 gal yield. Decrease Centennial to 0.75 oz. Rest of recipe is same.

I did a few thing different, I couldn’t get centennial, so I used 1.5 oz Cascade for the bittering. I added the irish moss at 10minutes. and I used the Wyeast 1056 American ale Instead of the british Ale. That’s all they had at the LHBS, I hope it doesn’t make that much difference, because I love this beer. Also, I’m not going to dry hop, because, well because I really don’t like to, I added an ounce of Cascade at 30 min, and a half ounce of Cascade at flame out. I got an OG of 1.057