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Forum rules

All members, including moderators, regardless of their tenure with the forums, are asked to adhere to the following rules:

Personal Conduct

  • No Flaming Allowed. Flaming is considered any personal attack against another member of these forums. Any verbal abuse of another member will not be tolerated.
  • Excessive Baiting. It is natural in forums like these to have conversations which encourage debate and disagreements. However, members who post for the sole purpose of baiting other members into an argument will be subject to being banned.
  • No Advertising. Please do not advertise your website, competiting forums, or affiliate products within your posts. Keep any links to these things within your signatures.
  • Off-Topic Posts. Members who repeatedly post off-topic for the purpose of distracting from the conversation will receive a warning. After one warning, they will be banned.
  • No Policing Other Members. As a member, it is not your job to publicy point out a rule violation. If you see another member violating a rule, use the “report” link which can be found at the bottom of every post to report the violating post.

Guidelines for Posts

  • Adult Content. These forums are family friendly and work friendly. As such, no links to adult content, images that contain adult content, or posts that are of an adult nature will be allowed.
  • Quoting Online Articles. If you wish to reference an online article, you may copy as many as 2 paragraphs of the article and include a link to the original article source. This is required for copyright reasons.

Guidelines for Images

  • Image Sizes. You have the ability to include images in your posts. We ask that you do not include images that are larger than 350 x 400 in size. If you need to resize your images, consider using a service like
  • Copyrighted Images. You are required to follow basic copyright rules and regulations. Do not post images that are in violation of their copyrights.
  • No Hotlinking. If you want to use an image that you found on another website, assuming the image is available for reproduction, be sure to use a service like Do not link the article directly from another website – this is known as hot linking or direct linking.

Final Discretion and Consequences for Rule Violations

The forum administrator holds final discretion over rule violations and consequences. Consequences will vary depending on the severity of the rule violation, the user's history of violations, and which rule was violated. There will be no published guidelines for consequences.

If you have any questions about these rules, please contact the forum administrator