Care for Your Canine

Puppy Love

Dogs are the best pets! Ok, I might be a bit biased, but no one can deny that coming home to the rushed excitement of their zoomies is the most amazing feeling ever! You slide your key in and you can already hear their little paws clicking impatiently, and, though you can’t see it, you know their tail is wagging out of control! As soon as you open the door, they explode in a tornado of kisses and jumps. The thought of coming home to their love and affection makes each day go by easier. The second best thing about owning a dog is getting to enjoy their energy. Going on long walks helps you get your exercise in while bonding with your best buddy. Playing fetch is as pleasant for you as it is enriching for your dog. Sharing your life with an animal can help lessen feelings of loneliness, and the physical exercise strengthens your immune system and helps keep your body healthy. However, even the best things in life come with sacrifices. Maybe the most significant drawback to owning a dog is that it ties you to your home. Holidays, short trips, or traveling the world – not quite as accessible to those of us who own pets. You can pay for a pet-sitter, but make sure you know that person well! You don’t want to entrust a total stranger with the life of a member of your family. While dogs do have a hyperactive nature that is contagious at times, you really have to be careful how you balance it out. No matter how much we love them, we have to show our puppies that they are not the ones running the show. We have to impose boundaries and stick to them no matter what. Dogs are highly intelligent creatures: they like to make the most out of every opportunity. You need to learn to have eyes in the back of your head!¬†Dogs are highly intelligent creatures

A Helping Hand

The two things every dog should have are freedom and boundaries. Without freedom, they’ll feel stuck, miserable and unstimulated. However, give them too much power, and you run the risk of losing them. It’s difficult to find the right balance, but I can tell you of a few tools that have really helped me out. First, if you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard, get a dog door. There are countless possibilities, from plastic to wood to glass and you can opt for a sliding one or one that has a simple flap for easy access into the house. Some of the best dog doors even come with a microchip reader, so your neighbors’ pets won’t slowly invade your house. Hope your dog enjoys the high-tech entryway you’ve installed for them! When it comes to setting rules for your dogs, I would highly recommend not letting them set foot into the kitchen. Once they get a taste of the wonderful world of dropped chicken nuggets and leftover snatching, you’ll be in for a long barking recital at dinner. In order to shut them up and keep them out, consider investing in dog gates. They work a lot like baby gates, so they’ll make sure your 4-legged friend knows his place. The perfect balance!